Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Perjalanan Sunyi . .

Letto - Sebelum Cahaya
ku teringat hati
yang bertabur mimpi
kemana kau pergi cinta
perjalanan sunyi
engkau tempuh sendiri
kuatkanlah hati cinta

ingatkah engkau kepada
embun pagi bersahaja
yang menemanimu
sebelum cahaya
ingatkah engkau kepada
angin yang berhembus mesra
yang kan membelaimu cinta

kekuatan hati
yang berpegang janji
genggamlah tanganku cinta
ku tak akan pergi
meninggalkanmu sendiri
temani hatimu cinta

ingatkah engkau kepada
embun pagi bersahaja
yang menemanimu
sebelum cahaya
ingatkah engkau kepada
angin yang berhembus mesra
yang kan membelaimu cinta

ku teringat hati
yang bertabur mimpi
kemana kau pergi cinta
perjalanan sunyi
engkau tempuh sendiri
kuatkanlah hati cinta

ingatkah engkau kepada
embun pagi bersahaja
yang menemanimu
sebelum cahaya
ingatkah engkau kepada
angin yang berhembus mesra
yang kan membelaimu cinta

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Big Boy Rayyan . .

There you go.. my nephew's pics taken this afternoon! hahaha! CUTE! just like his Big Uncle Firli.. hehehehe..

signing out . .

i wanna share with you people . .

Pictures i upload for NINA to see my Cute lil pictures of me ! haahaa.! lazy to dezine abit. LOL! ZzzZzz . .

Theres one main WISH that i really WISH for..

i want to see you people to be happy before me. the smile, the laughter, the happiness, the love. yeah. i really WISH for that. i hope you guys can grant my wish.

And that my friends. My ONE MAIN WISH for this year's birthday.

signing out . .

Saturday, April 26, 2008

alil' bit of dissapointment BUT! overall happy . .

Thanks Bandmates for the wonderful gifts and wishes! Thanks so much!

Friday 25/04/08
The day. 20th birthday! went to school as per normal. didnt expect everone in my class to know about it. BUT! the whole class knows it.! OH MY! hahaha. coz i know its gonna be worse lah! after class, the whole lot of them. drag me in to join them to relax. or LEPAK i should say. haha! i was worried they gonna buy flour and threw at me. but i was wrong, fizah and gang bought a small birthday cake for me! how sweet! hahaha.. well, wished and i blow and i cut! haha! eat it and BAM! got smack i the face with FLOUR! thanks syahidah eh! hahahaha.. thanks so much! ergh! i hate it so much. but in the end, had fun playing with it! hahaha! sabo-ed Sahlan too. as his birthday same as mine. haha! went back home after that, bathe, change, meet them again for lunch! heavy lunch! hahaha! cool. spring chicken sey! hahaha. bluek!

after meeting them, meeting with my pal who studied in australia. hah! she bought for me shawl. nice and smooth. but i wont wear it lah. but anyway NICE LAH! thanks babe! hehe! reached band late for sectionals. frankly, we didn't do anything. accompany fazlin in her sectional room. talk and taught her some hidden secrets bout laptop. haha! cute lah her face! hahaha! after sectionals, received some stuffs from the bandmates. SO CUTE-ING(joanna's favourite) lol! smiled all the way home. even when i asleep. :X haha!

saturday 26/04/08

had band practice in the morning. new members joined us. WELCOME to the ITEBAND! hahaha! yadayadayadayada.. was abit upset with some issues. and at the end of the practice. its turning worse. i thought my day was ruined by them. erghh! so hate it! after band, went straight to suntec conventional centre for some seminar on SAF-ITE thingy. went there alone as my friends couldn't make it. sigh. last minute canceled. SO PISSED OFF! heck.! after that met the rest of the bandmates in esplanade library. met sonia too in the library as she was there alone to study. poor sonia.! hehe. next time ask me along lah. i accompany you. HAH! *wink*

soon after that some of us are hungry. i myself hungry too! damn hungry lah! lol. so we went to sakura @ city hall. had dinner with fazlin, fadhil, padi, hafiz, nabil, sheena, joanna, serene, noreen, nad and zac! had fun talking to them. really had fun when this turn up infront of me. the CAKE!!!!!! i never had an experience before celebrating in a restaurant. so people, u should know how i felt. haha! i was shy lah! really!!! people all kept looking at me! and i was freaking shaking lah! HAHAHAHA! My God! cut the cake, took photo and eat it. smiled all the way. thanked them for everything. like wana cry but GUY MAH! hahaha. after dinner and the celebration, took bus home. and here i am blogging. hee..

anyway i'm touched with everything people.! really do appreciate whatever u guys did for me.! i thank you guys once again! LOVE lah! hahaha.

Frankly yeah, alil' bit of dissapointment. NOT MERAJOK AH! different ME already. HEH! but overall HAPPY LAH SEY!! hehehe!

still waiting for fizah and joanna to give me more pics! hahaha! take your time yar! smile people smile!

Signing Out

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Parents back home safely . .

parents back home safely last monday. couldn't fetch them as i have class @ 1pm. 12.30 they landed here in singapore. dad finally brave himself boarding the plane. hes loving it right now. BUT only with SIA. lol. parents bring back loads of dates(Kurma). Given out to most of aunt and uncle already. yet still alot. Hah!

i've created another poster of myself. hehehe.. life full of multimedia to me now. LOL!

ok for now. gotta go. watching soccer. will update again soon. hee hee.

signing out . .

Monday, April 21, 2008

Poster Dezine for myself!

How cool can it be. part of my design for school too. hahaha!

My Own Dezine . .

Maybe i should start my own design company or something or a freelance designer. hah! i'm gonna show you some of my designs. Take a look and comment please onto my tagboard please.

I LOVE THIS! LOVE IT!! hehehehe..

i've designed this with my Photoshop and Photoscape skills. nice isn't it.? hehehe. COMMENT PEOPLE!

Signing Out..

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nothing Better To Do . .

What Firli Means

You are loving, compassionate, and ruled by your feelings.

You are able to be a foundation for other people... but you still know how to have fun.

Sometimes your emotions weigh you down, but you generally feel free from them.

You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing.

You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long.

You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.

You are wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. You're always up to something.

You have a ton of energy, and most people can't handle you. You're very intense.

You definitely are a handful, and you're likely to get in trouble. But your kind of trouble is a lot of fun.

You are relaxed, chill, and very likely to go with the flow.

You are light hearted and accepting. You don't get worked up easily.

Well adjusted and incredibly happy, many people wonder what your secret to life is.


yeah!! a win over arch rival for Newcastle United, Sunderland. Its a great and wonderful victory over Sunderland. There have been many fights, battles, critism between both clubs. by the look on the TV screen with the atmosphere in the stadium whenever these both clubs will against each other, its really heating up. flying tackle,crunching tackle all around. hate it but hey! its cool whenever Geordies won the match. haa!

so to Sunderland fans. accept the fact that NUFC much better than you. HAH! BLACK AND WHITE STRIPES ALL THE WAY! TOON ARMY!!

Photos for Yesterday . .

People, The pictures. here it is. all smiles with hafiz around! =) if you want to grab this, grab it. Enjoy!

Signing out . .

Moody . .

Class Time-Table for ECE2N (w.e.f. 14 Apr 08)

  • 1015hrs - PIE (Rm3103) - Ms MayIn
  • 1215hrs - Lunch
  • 1315hrs - PRJ (Rm3302) - Mr Rahim & Ms Tan ST
  • 1530hrs - Class Advising Hour (Rm3302) - Mr Rahim
  • 1630hrs - PRJ (Rm3302) - Mr Rahim & Ms Tan ST
  • 1730hrs - End of Lesson
  • 0800hrs - CPS (Rm3202) - Mr Ali & Mr Teo EL
  • 1215hrs - Lunch
  • 1315hrs - CPS (Rm3201) - Mr Ali
  • 1530hrs - SW2 (MPH) - Mr Omar
  • 1700hrs - End of Lesson
  • 0800hrs - CPS (RM3202) - Mr Ali
  • 0900hrs - CPS (RM3202) - Mr Ali & Mr Teo EL
  • 1215hrs - Lunch
  • 1315hrs - MMA (Rm2203) - Mr Rahim
  • 1530hrs - End of Lesson
  • 0800hrs - MMA (Rm3303) - Mr Rahim & Ms Chua LW
  • 1215hrs - End of Lesson
  • 0800hrs - MMA (Rm3303) - Mr Rahim
  • 0900hrs - MMA (Rm3303) - Mr Rahim & Ms Chua LW
  • 1215hrs - End of Lesson
Quite happy with my time-table this term. yeah!

last friday, MMA lesson.. was supposed to crop our own picture to passport size photo. well, we did and we finished it. spend the rest of the time in class editing our own pictures. haha! using photoshop. my class had fun editing pictures. and i can't believe my own Form tutor joined in the fun! haha. Cool huh? he actually displayed my edited photo on the main screen and showed it to the whole class. THANKS EH TEACHER! haha! and he actually start displaying other computers in the main screen. hahaha! look what i did in my class.! lol! Alvin, Theodore, and Simon the chipmunks new cousins, here he is.. Phirlie. MUAHAHAHA!
isn't he cute.?! LOL! hahahaha. love this.

today's practice was a wasteful one. couldnt practice because we had to let the new ones for audition. was pissed with Mr lim. "Sectionals not important! this audition really is important." hhmm. great! i was really pissed. wanted to go home actually. don't wanna join them for lunch and hang out. but already promised fazilah that i will treat her, so i have to. not in the mood today really. but i want to make them happy and meet Hafiz too. so i did.

I'm not sure if i can continue band after NBC. 2nd term start and maybe. if i got to be the one whos going for attachment overseas. i don't think i can continue. 2-3 months out of country.

mum and dad will be coming back this monday. will be arriving by 12.30pm. i cant fetch my parents. asked my 2nd brother to fetch them as i have class and i cannot skip. my 1st brother will be going to Bintan alone. depart @ 10.30am on monday morning itself.

anyway, will update the pictures as soon as i'm willing to. ha ha!
singing out!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

just so you know . .

Tuesday, went out so well. glad we played quite well on that day. still i find it out of pitch sometimes. yup. but anyway, glad with everything. after band performance, went down to cafeteria to eat our lunch. accompany nurul till 3pm to wait for her bf to fetch her in school. ate alot during our lunch. after that we went separate ways. hafiz, sheena, nabil, fadhil and fadhli went out to orchard while me, fazilah and shahidah went to jurong east to get my lappy battery replaced. thanks fazilah and shahidah eh for accompany me to jurong east ACer building. [Blanje tu, insyaallah ye. blanje ye, tapi tak janji biler. heh!]

decided to join sheena all in orchard but it was late. fazilah decided to go home, shahidah too and myself. took train with shahidah on the way back. accompanied her to marsiling and i alight at woodlands to take 168. yup. couldnt believe lah that the Q for 168 is that long. while queuing, saw my junior, Peilin. So cute you and sweet. still remember when she was in sec 1 and i'm in sec 3. she was so small and cute lah. now, all grown up already ah peilin. heh heh! its been years since i saw you and chat with you. anyway, took the same bus too our home. chat with her all the way from Woodlands to Bedok. i can't lie to you that i was actually tired and wanted to sleep throughout the journey. but with you around i stay strong. LOL! missed her loads lah. i will try to gather all our Bandmates to meet up one day ok? hehe.

Back home at around 7.45PM yesterday.

Today, my first day of school lesson since reopen school. most of my new classmates were absent today because of helping out for their CCA fair @ ITE Macpherson. so it's like only 1/2 of my class id came for lesson this morning. i tell you, i'm HAPPY and i'm GLAD that i got in multimedia Tech. seriously speaking, this is what i want. i guess its more to drawing, video, designing and abit of programming of computers here and there. no exams but our GPA points are calculated with our assignments marks and projects. no theory test except for maths i guess. yup. i'm so glad. HEHE! Wanna see what i've done so far in class today.? HAHA! SLACKED! here it is. painting of my hostel mansion! hahaha!

oh my god lah. used paint to draw this. haha! i'm not good at drawing actually. more to video editing and more lah i can do. haha.

now at the airport. fetching my indon friends from T2 later on. can't wait to see them! hehe! i gotta go now. signing out . .

Monday, April 14, 2008

i find this picture nice! hehe. out of everything i've edit, this is the nicest among all.

i made someone burst into tears . .

Today's performance was ok. was upset because i think the audience cant really listen to us. i guess we need mic. hopefully tomorrow's performance we do have a couple of mic by the side of the band. heh heh! overall, it was fun.! lol. after performance, debriefing in the band room. and off we went to marina square to eat and shopping for sheena, fadhil and padi. while walking and having fun, my camera.. ermm.. was in a naughty mood. lol. taking all busuk faces of them. lol!

and and and i've actually made fazilah burst into tears. SORRY FAZILAH! really. omg lah, lol! sorry. i didn't think that it would be like that. i was too over lah. well, i should stop for you. Haha. Sorry again FAZILAH! i've decided to put your busuk face together with the rest ok? hehe. alalalaaa bucuk2. hehe.

after that incident, was kinda afraid to talk to her. wahaha, seram lah sey! hehe. and also decided to leave them early to go home. went home with Nurul and Shahidah. reached home around 6.35PM. On my Lappy to blog and edit but end up sleeping infront of it.BAAABB! hehe. woke at 9.30 and here i am blogging and uploading the pictures.

i wanna thank you Rohaya for the Lovely gift! was wondering what scores you gonna give it to me. So secret like that. hehe. but hey, THANKS! love it! the card you gave me, so sweet. hehe. Hugs!

That's it the pictures for the day. gotta go now. prepare for tomorrow. hehe.

Signing Out . .

Did i lose it . . ?

i guess i've lost it. it's right. i got my feelings right. i've found what i'm not supposed to. but it hurts me. hurts so much that i could not accept the fact. the reality fact. well, what can i do? move on. yeah, move on. i missed. missed you. missed you so much.

will be going to my school first before going to ITE Simei for performance. Had to settle some stuffs with my teacher. and also to check which class i'm in. can't promise you guys to come by 8 or 9am. Sorry last minute.

this month gonna be pack with activities, outing and all. with floorball trainings coming soon, band practice, school's project. for sure 2nd week of school i'm gonna have project. i'm in Multimedia Technology now. hhmm. gonna meet up with loads of my pals. 19th going out with Boedhy and Eddy. haha. indonesian friends. my ex-classmate and best friends. Betul gak? haha. make sure kamu berdua jadi yar! udah lama gitu si gak bertemu. kiter ke tempat windriani mau gak?! Bugis bugis. gak tau apa nama nya tapi bisa nelifon dier kan? nanti gue nelifon nya ya. bisa temui cewek2 singapura disana nanti. LOL!

26th will be with nuraini. finally we met last saturday! hehe. get back to me soon ayt?
May going out with faizah! MY TOM YAM SOUP WHERE?! HMPH! waiting!! lol

mostly weekends will be full of outing with my pals. hhmm.. looks like i'm happy. Good but am still sad. missed. the end.

Signing Out . .

Sunday, April 13, 2008

SYF Display Band Comp. 2008

Yesterday was the SYF Display Band Comp for 9 Sec. Sch Marching Band held in National Stadium. It was the best showcase from all bands. Orchird Park, Tanjong Katong, Ping Yi, Bukit Panjang, Bowen, Deyi, West Spring, Yusof Ishak and Springfield. Shocking night too after the results have been announced. Best Drum Major and Band Display goes to Deyi Secondary. Yusof Ishak and West Spring Silver. Great Showcase by the both bands.

anyway, Congrats to all bands! We'll meet again in 2 years time! haha!

below are the pictures taken from my camera and nabil's camera. combined all pictures in one. better. Videos will upload soon in my multiply. anyway, just go to youtube and find those videos upload by others. the comments, i tell you. it's heating up. HAH!

today didn't really do anything much. slept around 2 after chatting. woke up at 9am, my aunt was outside the house. send some foods for me. thanks Wak Ami. slept back after that and woke up at 12.30pm. played game the whole afternoon, update my blog now. and soon my friends gonna come over to watch Man U vs Arsenal. Great Match! haha.

till here then,
Signing Out . .

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Update Some Pictures . .

My Years In Bedok South Concert Band 2001-2004
Hah! Stop & Stare People! (macam paham)

Small Birthday Celebration la..

K done, Signing Out!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Thanks people for the present. haha. not yet my birthday but yet i got it. but thanx again, appreciate it.

P/S: sorry i was abit moody just now. suddenly right.? lol. Headache coz i was forcing myself to play the song. and i had to cover Nurul. shes got difficulties playing. so i had to cover her. Hopefuly i'm better tomorrow. Sorry Again! MUAHX!

today, woke up at 11am. wake bro. up and force him to go work quickly. at 12.30 bathe, change and straight to mosque for friday prayers. Supposed to meet mariam n yaya earlier but thanx mariam, woke up late and couldnt meet us early after my friday prayers. end up, we met around 3pm. print some pictures for Nad, then to KFC for lunch with my angels. LOL! then walked and met Sheena along the way. LONER SIA BUSUK!! hahaha. she joined us to NTUC, Library and to Prima Deli. Heh! met Rahman in the bus. asked him where's he from. he said he was at Bedok Banquet all alone. Sad right. u should have contact yaya or mariam. hahaha. could join us dude! hehe. anyway straight to band, practice and back home as per normal. Mariam decides to celebrate the March/April birthday peeps. so yeah. wasnt really in good condition just now. but hell yeah, thanx for the presents and thanx to everyone who sang a birthday song for all of us. HEH! Thanx! tadaa!

Tomorrow SYF Outdoor Comp. Can't really wait. haha. is TKBand gonna defend their title for Best Band Display? is Deyi gonna defend their Best Drum Major? is OPBand are up for it.? so as the rest of the band. I cant wait! gonna record everything tomorrow! yeah!!

alright, gotta go. Eat Medicine and off to sleep!
Signing Out

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Back to Blog . .

well, i'm back. Not in the mood to blog earlier. Back from chalet and i'm down with fever. Horrible experience during my class chalet. Totally Horrible i tell you. wouldnt wanna tell the whole story here. Just bad, just bad..

mum and dad left singapore for Umrah. Me and my brothers sent them this morning to the airport. Dad was scared. He has phobia going boarding a plane or a ship. Well, with our support, in the end hes willing to do it. yeah that! you're cool! hehe. Wish them have a safe flight to and fro. Missed them.

12 days i'll be alone at home. living by myself. finding food for myself. HAH! but school starting soon. how am i gonna be on time. oh my! help me! lol.. if only i were to have someone special in my life, FUHHH! it's so fun lah! haha! Can accompany me all the way. but DREAM ON ah firli. there ain't no one to be there for you, cook for you. HAH! =(

Days coming nearer;
Which i should be happy on that day..
I dont expect anything much now;
Because you just left me "hanging" this way..
its hard now. it wasn't as before whereby you and me were that close. i've talk to you once, i've talk to you till you understand it. but i'm unsure, because i still feel it this way. I just missed talking/smsing you..
i really do..
Signing Out..

IMVU promote!

click on this people.. its great.. Totally great.. LOVE IT! haha.. i don't know how i can be addicted to this.. kinda cool actually..ENJOY!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Today Crappy Day . .

hahahaha. i'm such a crappy idiotic person sey. was chatting with fazilah and i dont know whether i irritate her or i sing a song to her. LOL! i guess its irritating lah. i sang for almost 4-5 songs i guess. but all short short lah. lol! and fazilah say NOT BAD you know. except for some songs lah of course. try to pull cant pull my voice to high pitch lah. hehehe.

Sorry Fazilah you have to layan my crappy-ness. hehehe.

ok, will be gone later for 3days 2 nights chalet. class chalet at HOME TEAM NS Chalet @ Pasir Ris Park. wont be blogging for these 3 days. will be back on wednesday for band. yup. going out soon, 5pm meeting them.

till here then, anything SMS/CALL my hp.
Signing Out . .

Saturday, April 5, 2008

all i gotta say is . . i'm sorry . .

To my Trombone Section,
To my Brass Section,
To the Flute Section,
To Joanna, Li Koon,
To Clarinet Section . .

I'm SORRY for showing you guys my black face.

Maybe its a round-about game that is going on within me. maybe not. was unhappy with both days. today and yesterday. Sorry guys, i'm started to feel serious about practicing in band. i know its weird when i said that. totally weird right.? Competition is just around the corner, performance coming. So what's up with everything? Sorry people, maybe i'm changed maybe i'm not. i myself don't understand.

Sorry to my section, i'm starting to be serious now. i was pissed with yesterday's practice. Sorry Nabil, you shouldn't allow them to have a break during our combined sectionals. i mean, if we were the only section its up to you lah. but we're combining. i just don't want us to be label-ed as the laziest or the playful section. Seriously no problem with you, just unhappy about yesterday incident. that's all. i hope you take this as a lesson or something. i know i'm a no no perfect player in the band. i know i'm playful and talkative at times or maybe everytime. sorry for that. i totally respect you 100% nabil. GREAT Leader, DUMB leader, BUSUK leader, all the way ah Dude!

today's sectionals, was having fun going through the pieces. but was upset along the way again. Sorry, i just don't like when we going trough the pieces and you're not concentrating. well, talking or doing sumting else when i'm not concentrating on your section is totally fine with me. but i just want everyone to play when i want to because every single one of you makes a different. that stuff you doing, can be done after band. again, i don't want them to label-ed the BRASS section as a Laziest or Playful BRASS Section.

Note this: I Care for The Brass Section the most.. (ok fine, whatever. leave then.)

I'm thinking again now, maybe all this came back to me this time round. i've been noisy, talking during Full Band Practice. well, i now feel like you people felt before and bear with my attitude. Sorry people.

Sorry Alif,
Sorry Shuhui,
Sorry Donovan . . ( for delaying and showing my bloody face )

Sorry Joanna,
Sorry Li Koon . . ( Bring your mood down )

Sorry Nabil,
Sorry Jonathan,
Sorry Diana . . ( Being so shitty and nuisance in the section )

Sorry Fitri,
Sorry Fa'riqe,
Sorry Fazlin . . ( For bringing down your moods )

Sorry Isabell,
Sorry KK . . ( Totally not about you guys, Don't Worry )

Sorry Hafiz,
Sorry Fadhli,
Sorry Shuqen(sorry wrong spelling)
lastly Sorry to Syahidah . . ( For Shouted at you guys just now )

"As Days Passing By;
As The Day Coming nearer . .
Everything all came back to me again;
Every Time and Every Year . ."

Friday, April 4, 2008

Upset With Everything . .

Sorry to my bandmates yesterday.. mood swing.. erm, was upset with almost everything that happened yesterday. Sectionals, gastric and more. i just cant accept that happened yesterday. wouldn't wanna talk bout it much.

again i'm SORRY!

Anyway bought a Laptop Skin for my Laptop. Quite nice lah. Juventus Logo with abstract design by the side. Satisfied.. but haiyoh, i have to paste it by myself. kinda ugly at the side of it as u have to paste and cut to make it equal. but who cares anyway. just look at the base of the laptop. there you go, a nice laptop skin. haha.

got to sleep peacefully and had more than enough sleep last night. THANK GOD! meeting noreen, joanna, mariam and nabil. joanna, kai, sheena and hafiz join us later i guess. i gotta go, going to bathe now. LOL! i know, BUSUK! thanx eh.! lol.

signing out!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Upset day for me . .

it was a totally upset day for me today. Went to the ACER building @ Jurong Industrial Park. Was pissed with their management and services. They did say that they will give me a call regarding the battery fault replacement. well, they did not. I've called several times, no respond. THANKS EH! Pissed with them.

Went down all the way from bedok to Jurong East, to check things out and ask them why since i've already called but no respond. Reached there, ask them, show them the receipt and all he said was.. "Sorry sir, Battery still not here yet. we still have no stock. it'll arrived in mid april.. we'll call you once we have it.. don't worry." wahh, THANKS again eh.! why didn't you tell me earlier or something. If its in mid-april then i'll wait. BUT STILL, it took about 2 months plus to get the new stock. Oh what a pity. well, nevermind then. make sure you guys call me and make sure i get it within this month. HAH!

again was upset too right now. Faizah from Tkband alumni just told me that we need to have tickets to watch the Outdoor Competition this coming 12th april. PATHETIC right! hmph! only 600 tickets will be given out. But think again, 9 different bands of alumnis are also taking their opportunity to take their tickets as well. i believe so yeah. Molto deluso(Very Disappointed). Io avere di sentire la questo. i have to miss this. hhhmmm..

i have no mood now.. Till here then..
Signing Out!